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OUR®. One Use Rack. Since 2008
The Throw Away Rack

The advantages of OUR®
- Logistic cost reduction
- Stocks reduction
- Cost per part rolled reduction

Benefits OUR®
- Manufacturing of prototypes with cost of racks highly reduced
- Cost reduction for low volume productions
- More homogenous performance, due to the lack of accumulated tensions of previous uses of the rack
- Easier stocks management
- Less burocracy, customs clearance and paper work.

Rubber Racks®. Since 2005
- Prevents initial slipping of the work piece during the rolling process.
- Achieves top performance with zero defects.
- Increases productivity by 20-25%.
- Production costs reduced by minimizing tooling down time/change over and enhanced productivity.
- Designed, developed and manufactured by JEM.
- ®Patented system

Stepped Racks. Since 2001
-Solution to obtain two diameters on the same spline.

Crowned Racks. Since 1999
-Solution to a crowned zone (minor over pins dim.) in a zone of the component.

Chamfer-Ended Racks. Since 1998
-Solution to avoid the effect of burrs on spline chamfers.

Toothed Blades. Since 1997
-Bladed tooth. Solution for grooves with teeth that have less depth than height.

Conical Blade. Since 1995
-Components with a conical groove after spline process.

Bladed Racks. Since 1991
-Use of spline racks with blade for splines parts with groove.
-The function of the blade is to avoid displacement of material in the bottom of the groove. The blade doesn’t roll .
-The groove has to be pre-turned before rolling.

Spherical Radius.
Developed since 1980, it brings about improved torque performance on the component.


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